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Engtruss (Australia) Pty. Ltd. is a licensed Mitek (previously “Gang-Nail”) fabricator, specializing in the manufacture of timber roof trusses, wall frames and floor trusses.

Our Customer Client Policy

Clients command our respect
Clients command our attention
Clients deserve our best effort
Clients need our constant communication
Clients need to feel satisfied we are acting in their best interests
Clients need and expect our attention to detail
Clients are the life-blood of our company


Engtruss was formed way back in 1984 when Gerry Hoggard and Russell Devenish purchased the assets (an old set of manual pull saws and a gantry c-clamp press) of a liquidated truss plant. As the owners of a growing extension building company, they were keen to manufacture product for both their own needs plus explore the growing market of pre-fabrication.

In June 1985, Dave Walker joined Gerry and Russell as General Manager. Dave had previously worked as a design draftsman at Gang-Nail for 3 years and then at Bowens Hastings as estimator/detailer for 3 years.

Re-location to bigger premises took place, and Engtruss was firmly established as a reliable, high quality, service-oriented supplier of trusses and frames.

The company continued to adopt new products and technology with the aid of their partnership with Mitek and today can boast being one of Mitek’s longest serving fabricators.


Our current site at Braeside uses the latest Mitek 20/20 software which is widely regarded as the industries most powerful.

This software enables accurate, complete design, estimation and detailing of the most complex of projects as well as enables accurate down-loading of information to our computer driven saw systems.

All staff are fully trained and experienced users of the software and will ensure personalized service from introduction, to estimation, to site measure, to satisfactory completion.


Engtruss will continue to explore and embrace new technologies and processes to better serve our customers.

We have recently commissioned a fully independent “Truss Plant Analysis” to establish the direction of our next growth phase. This analysis has mainly concentrated on the machinery/manufacturing side of our business as a means of staying competitive and maximizing factory efficiency, whilst continuing to offer our clients excellent service, product accuracy and competitive pricing.

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